Feed the Cat: 5 things to know about cats

Cats, when they want, can be a bit spoiled on food: they make us understand what they don’t like at all and what they prefer instead, always aiming at some refined delicacy. But, apart from that, we see what things to do and what not to do about feeding our kitten.

The position is important

Unlike the dog, the cat can’t eat everywhere. Suffice it to say that cats living in the wild always eat in a place that allows them to see everything around them: in this way they are able to intercept any attacks by predators. The same rule applies to domestic cats: putting their bowl in a corner or in a closed place does not make them feel comfortable, as they have their backs to the rest of the room and are unable to control everything that happens around them.

Another important thing: never put the bowl next to the litter tray, after all, who likes to eat in the bathroom?

Use a plate

The bowl or bowl are the objects most commonly used to feed the cat. But what not everyone knows, is that any kitten does not feel comfortable eating out of a bowl. The cause of this are the vibrissae that, when you bring the food near your mouth, you see it compressed from the high sides of the bowl. For this reason, it is always better to use a plate or a very large bowl.

Programmed meals

We cannot use a general rule valid for all cats, every cat has its needs depending on whether it is newborn, adult, elderly, sterilized… and/or suffers from some pathology. For this reason, only the vet who follows it will be able to give you guidance in this regard.

The only thing we can say is that it is useful to plan your meal times and respect them. Eating out of meals and without the slightest order can cause obesity and eating disorders, just like us men. Having a sort of chart also helps you to understand how much each cat eats in your house if you have more than one.

Always make sure you give them meat

Never forget that cats are carnivorous animals by nature, so never forget to check the amount of meat in the food you buy them. Meat, in fact, must be the main food in its diet.

Use different rooms if you have more than one cat

Both the position and a planned diet help all cats in the house to eat the amount they are entitled to every day. Getting your cats used to eating in the same place and having food out of hours will surely lead the shrewdest and fastest cat to eat more food than the other one, which, punctually, will remain dry mouth. For this series of reasons, get every cat used to eating in one place and only in its bowl.

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