Health: dangerous foods for the cat

It often happens that you want to give a small prize to our four-legged friend and then you give him part of our succulent food as a gift. The thing we don’t know, however, is that often what we eat, and it seems to us a food like any other, can be harmful to our cat. Here is a list of dangerous foods that we should never give our furry cat:

  1. Onions and garlic: they contain a compound that can make the cat’s red blood cells collapse and cause hemolytic anemia. Garlic can also cause gastric problems;
  2. Alcohol: it’s toxic and just a few drops can cause coma and death. On the other hand, alcohol is also bad for humans!
  3. Chocolate: chocolate is toxic to both cats and dogs. It contains a substance called theobromine which causes increased blood pressure, vomiting and excessive stimulation of the central nervous system. Obviously, all foods containing cocoa should be excluded.
  4. Coffee and tea: caffeine and theine are as harmful to the cat as chocolate;
  5. Xylitol: it is present in chewing gum, candy and toothpaste and can cause liver failure.
  6. Yeast: it ferments and expands in the cat’s stomach causing severe pain, plus it contains alcohol which, as we have seen, is toxic to the cat.
  7. Grapes and raisins: more than cats, they seem to hurt dogs, but since there is no certainty, it is better to avoid giving them to cats as well. They could cause vomiting and kidney problems.
  8. Avocado: Many cats are attracted to the high fat content of some fruits, Avocado contains a toxic substance called Persin that causes abdominal pain, diarrhea and vomiting.
  9. Walnuts in general and Macadamia nuts in particular: walnuts contain a substance that is absolutely harmful to cats.
  10. Almonds and other kernels: they are toxic because of their cyanide content.
  11. Potatoes and tomatoes: the green part, the part with which the tomato sticks to the plant, contains a compound dangerous for the cat, especially when they are still unripe. They should not be harmful to ripe tomatoes and cooked potatoes and tomatoes.

The good news is that cats are not particularly attracted to the foods listed above because they are not part of their diet. The list below, however, is a list of foods that can be harmful to the cat if consumed in large quantities:

  1. Tuna: prevents the absorption of certain nutrients and should not be given to cats often, although they are very attracted by its smell. Eating tuna in large quantities can cause a disease called Steatitis or yellow fat disease.
  2. Raw eggs and fish: prevent the intake of certain forms of vitamin B and should be given in moderation. In general, any raw food can pose a risk of bacterial contamination.
  3. Liver: contains high levels of vitamin A, which can be toxic or even fatal if taken in large quantities.
  4. Cow’s milk: it is a legend that the main food for the cat’s diet is cow’s milk. Here we have carried out a more in-depth discussion on why it is absolutely forbidden.

Also, always remember to give your cat food that is low in salt and fat and to have your vet advise you on the best diet for your cat. Finally, here are some tips on how to prevent your cat from eating dangerous foods:

  • never give your cat any of the above foods of your own free will;
  • keep the listed foods in a safe place that your cat cannot reach;
  • before you give your cat any food you eat, check the label and the ingredients it contains;
  • even if you’re about to serve him non-hazardous food, make sure it’s fresh and unspoiled. Do not serve it if it has mould or has expired;
  • don’t leave wet food out of the refrigerator for too long.
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