The too high cost of veterinary drugs

Perhaps those fortunate enough to share a house with a healthy animal may not have noticed, so not all readers may have been aware of this, but the fact that veterinary drugs have reached shameful costs is a sad reality, which especially in times of crisis does not favor adoptions if those who were petting the idea were aware of it.

Unfortunately, a veterinary medicine costs at least twice as much as its human equivalent, an increase in prices that affects even the most basic medicines.

The problem then becomes serious when we talk about painkillers for animals: the subject is particularly hot because the animal perceives pain as a punishment, not understanding that it is a natural consequence of a disease, and therefore can present aggressive episodes in reaction. When drugs such as Meloxicam and Ketoprofen cost 20 or 90 times more than their human equivalent, keeping pain at bay in our friends can become economically difficult. This category also includes opioids, which are used to control surgical pain and therefore just as, if not more fundamental (try to imagine operating without anesthesia!), which unfortunately cost 3 to 5 times more than those programmed for human use. The situation is in some ways grotesque, as such a high price is difficult to understand if you consider that several veterinary drugs do not have a different amount of active ingredients from their human counterparts.

Dr. Oscar Grazioli, a veterinarian specializing in anaesthesia and pain therapy, together with other colleagues, took the matter to heart and addressed to Aisa (i.e. the consortium of Italian companies and pharmaceutical multinationals in the animal health market) and to the Minister of Health Beatrice Lorenzin an open letter in which she described the problem, asking for an intervention to regulate the situation. We know what fate awaits the animals of the house when it is economically impossible to take care of them: abandonment.

Fortunately, it seems that someone is taking the problem seriously. Member of the Chamber of Deputies Michele Anzaldi has filed a question with the Chamber to ask the Minister of Health why veterinary medicines cost much more than human ones for the same ingredients. We remain with the hope that answers and solutions will soon be forthcoming.

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